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How rude of him  😁

Level 4 Contributor

I have a personal Brad Smith story to share.


My friend Brad Smith used to work at Microsoft Canberra before he moved to Washington.

One day I wrote to Brad but it went to the Legal Brad. He never answered my technical question, LOL.


From then onwards, I noticed my friend's display name in his emails now says Brad Smith (SHAREPOINT). 😃




Great idea Brad. How many great Brad's I know in Microsoft - pretty cool right. I loved the images of Seattle, miss it so much but so proud of what Microsoft is doing around the world.


Agree - I follow Brad Anderson on Twitter

Level 2 Contributor

I vote for Brad Anderson! His videos are always amazing!

Level 5 Contributor

Seattle is a great city. I managed to spend 5 rain-free days there in winter.


Paul Allen's Museum of Pop Culture is amazing.


I think i might start a 'Brad Smith' fan club

Who caught the keynote this morning? I loved Brad Smiths tour around Seattle. 


Any votes for Microsoft Inspire to be in Seattle 2021 ?