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Level 2 Contributor

Energy drink - Nothing puts those calories that you've just worked off back on like an energy drink! 

Level 4 Contributor

I like to go for a nice big breakfast, as I'm up around 5am to workout before the wife and kids wake-up.


Breakfast is usually Oats, blueberries, bananas with some protein powder to repair and replenish all of the muscles used during the workout 🙂 

Level 4 Contributor

5) Craft Beer 🍻

Visitor 1

As a workout I enjoy playing beer league ice hockey and we think its the NHL.  Post-match consists of enjoying cold beers with the boys with a side of tears from the losing team 😉

Level 5 Contributor

Chocolate milk,

as tasty as can be,

is actually good POST workout,

you'll see!


A good amount of carbs,

and protein to kick,

great for recovering muscles,

the perfect pick! 


You might think I'm crazy, 

and well fair enough,

just don't drink your choccy milk BEFORE the workout,

or you might feel a bit rough...

Actually though, it is really good post workout! 

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Level 5 Contributor

P.S. go the Seahawks!

Level 3 Contributor

the tears of FOMO from Gsuit Admins

Level 5 Contributor


Definitely a Sports drink in large quantities...



Visitor 1

Nectar of the Gods, a fresh cold pressed Juice.  Apple, carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger.  Yumm

Level 3 Contributor

 WATER. Clean Water. Straight from Nature, Water.  As  in  H2O.  Anyone remember the days where water was free?  Now it costs more than a liter of petrol.  Still worth it. WATER

Level 4 Contributor

Protein Shake with a dash of Milo and ice to cool down a bit quicker! 🤓


Competition Time! Most creative answer wins.

What’s your recommended refreshment after a big workout?
Protein Shake
Sports drink
Energy drink