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Partner to Partner follow up...

Since returing from Inspire I have been asked on numerous occasions to share what we see as the critical foundations of joint partnering success… so here they are:

  1. Effective partnerships start with a personal connection with a fundamental alignment on the WHY (See Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk for more on this).
  2. Effective partnerships require ongoing investment which go beyond financial investment and include energy, sincerity, candid conversations and accountability.
  3. Effective partnerships demand reflection & adaptability; we all operate in a dynamic marketplace and as such our partnerships need to be flexible and elastic.

Let’s go deeper on thie first point for a moment; the WHY. Taking incredibleresults as an example, I could write you a list of what we do but you might view it as the consulting equivalent of a market stall, give us a quick glance and walk away. I could tell you how we deliver our services which is great if what you care about most is delivery, but if I tell you that our why centres on our fixation to inspire others to realise their ambition and enable incredible results, then doesn’t it suddenly become a little more interesting to you?


Doesn’t it give us the potential to make a meaningful connection based on shared beliefs? And doesn’t it give us the opportunity to do more interesting, inspiring business as a result of those beliefs?


Whats your WHY?


Get in touch: theteam@incredibleresults.com.au or visit us at www.incredibleresults.com.au