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Communication regarding transition to Unified Interface

Looking for assistance from someone in Microsoft to escalate. The communications have started going out to Dynamics 365 clients who have been scheduled in January to update to the Unified Interface. 


I'm very concerned, as the communication is incorrect, confusing and causing unnecessary unrest.


The client in question had their original sheduled date set for 14 January.  I used the Transition Scheduling Portal to move their scheduled date out to 2 October, weeks ago. This put it in Approved status and set the  new target date as 2 October (according to the portal), but the client still receives all of the countdown emails relating to the original date (1 week to go, 2 days to go).  And then an email to say it had been transitioned - when it of course it had not been.  


A support request confirmed that the true  transition date is 2 October as per my rescheduled date in the portal, and that the communication is using the original proposed dates not the approved dates.  I assume this will continue to be the case for all clients.  With 50+ of our clients to transition over the next few months, this incorrect communication is going to cause havoc as we are carefully managing the scheduling and required changed management with our clients. Almost all of them will elect and schedule an alternative date to the original target date and will receive this incorrect information. It needs to be fixed. The comms program must reference the Approved date not the orginal target date. 


Can someone in Microsoft please help?


Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention Jane, please accept our apologies for the communication confusion. We have identified root cause and going forward the communications will be aligned correctly to the dates indicated within the portal.


The one possible exception is if there is a very last minute update made on the portal by the customer. If the dates are very close to when the communication engine is due to send messages there could be a possibility of a message appearing within the inbox of the customer but this should be a rare case.


If you need further assistance on this matter please feel free to contact me directly.


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