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Marketplace Rewards activation in Partner Center Series: Marketplace Rewards as your GTM launchpad with Microsoft

*If you missed this webinar, check the recording On-Demand below.*

Event description

Do you have a live offer on Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace? Are you interested in learning how Microsoft can help you grow your business through commercial marketplace?

During this live event we will present what is the Marketplace Rewards program, what type of benefits you can get in order to increase your conversions on the commercial marketplace,  and how you can access and start activating them.



Featured Speaker


0.jpgYonit Soloducho is a Business Program Manager at Microsoft commercial marketplace, focusing on publisher readiness for Marketplace Rewards. She previously led the Corporate Access Program (CAP) at Microsoft for Startups. Prior to Microsoft, Yonit was a Strategy Associate at a strategic consultancy firm, founded a startup and served as a Product Marketing Manager for an educational tech firm.





- Marketplace Rewards in Partner Center
- Marketplace Rewards deck
- Marketplace Rewards docs