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Ask Me Anything: Understanding AI & Industry Opportunities

Introducing Melissa Mulholland, this week's Microsoft expert. Melissa is the Microsoft Partner Cloud Profitability Lead. She focuses on enabling partners and customers to accelerate their business transformation in the Cloud delivering increaMM.jpgsed profitability, efficiency, and scale across Microsoft's Cloud services.

This months AMA topic will be “Understanding AI & Industry Opportunities”. Start asking questions May 23rd and tune in for the AMA even on May 30th, 8-11am PST. The top Kudoed questions will be answered first. 

What is AI and what are the industry opportunitites?

"From advancing medical research, diagnoses, and treatments, to increasing farm yields, the wonders of the Microsoft AI platform and Cognitive Services stack continue to dazzle us with possibilities. The ability to interact with computers in our own language, make decisions based on probabilities and deliver solutions built from data is transforming software development to the point that organizations worldwide are already seeing positive returns on their AI spending.

Partners are using AI technologies pragmatically to differentiate their current services, so they can re-engage customers with end-to-end systems that learn from data and experience to deliver new insights and efficiencies.  Specialization with an industry focus can create additional margins and customer value. We will show case examples of how innovation can be expanded across other industries that are ripe for AI solutions such as financial services, manufacturing, education, retail, etc."

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Great topic and a great speaker with terrific knowledge! I hope that we will get many partners taking part of this 'Ask Me Anything' session!


Here are my questions: -

1. Is there any industry that you believe is under served when it comes to partners working with AI solutions? Where is the highest potential?

2. For partners that wants to build an AI Practice - is there something for them to read in order to learn how to start?

3. I love partnering as that drives specialization and higher profits while at the same time giving customers better solutions. Which type of partnerships do you see that are related to AI?


Regards, Per 



Thank you so much for asking, as you always have such insightful questions.  I am seeing the impotance of having an industry or horizontal focus very important with building an AI Practice.  AI solutions are really defining the "art of the possible" and the options are limitless in terms of the various solutions youc an build for a customer.  Today, the top industries that we are seeing are Manufacturing, Professional services, healthcare, and financial services as shown below.

To get started, I would recommend reading the AI Practice Development Playbook found at https://aka.ms/aiplaybook Many partners are using this as a resource to get started, as I had several tell me it is the manual that they refer to and one shared with me that "in my 15 years reading Microsoft playbooks, this one is the best…we took a carbon copy of the Job Descriptions to hire our new AI team which saved us a ton of time.

Regarding partnerships, I love that you raised this point as it is really important that you know that you don't have to do this solely on your own.  I'm seeing Partners scale out their AI capabilites partnering with ISVs who have built IP and have specialization that can help a Partner getting started to implement immediately.  In doing so, you can add value to your customers immediately without the time to build it in house as a starting point. 

AI industries.PNG


Thank you Melissa! Great and very helpful reply!



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Hi @alany! Welcome to Microsoft Partner Community (MPC). Is there something in particular you were looking for?