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Re: Ask Me Anything Topic: Partnering with Microsoft

A couple managed partner questions that came up:

What does it mean to be a managed partner? A "managed" partner has an assigned Partner Development Manager (PDM) from Microsoft who is on point to provide direct assistance to help that partner build and grow their business. The PDM can direct a partner to resources, events, trainings, etc and provide guidance on Microsoft programs and processes (example: how to become a P-seller or co-sell partner).

Why would a partner want to be manged? If you are looking for a deeper, direct type of engagement to help build, expand and accelerate your practice you may want to be managed. Remember that this is a two way relationship - your PDM will need engagement and responsiveness from you just as your expect it from them. If you prefer to self-serve your readiness through Learning Paths or some of the other resources I linked to earlier, being managed may not be right for you.

What is the process to become managed? A PDM will select the partners he or she manages based on past sales performance and future propentity. While there is no single magic formula to become managed, if your business starts  accelerating and showing growth potential, you are sure to be noticed. Keep in mind that some areas may have different priorities - if a certain area is zeroed in on Azure consumption, you may not be picked up for management even if you triple your Office 365 business in a single quarter.

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Re: Ask Me Anything Topic: Partnering with Microsoft

Perfect response. Exactly what a partner needs to know.

Thank you for your time today.

This is a fantastic topic. One that needs more and more attention. Especially as people that are new to the Microsoft partner ecosystem begin to look for a platform and partner model to build their ideas upon.

This is true for Millennials and Gen Z's just getting out of school or diving deeper into their careers. It's also true for Baby Boomers that are reaching retirement age and are ready to take their FEM Factor into the market.

Let's keep the conversation going. 

Ping me anytime here, via IAMCP email, or on the social channels.

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Re: Ask Me Anything Topic: Partnering with Microsoft

Thanks Jeff and everyone else for participating today! Absolutely agree let's keep this conversation going! Remember you can engage anytime on the Partnership 101 forum here on MPC.

Feel free to reach out to me as well on the topics we covered today or any others that come to mind.


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Re: Ask Me Anything Topic: Partnering with Microsoft

Thanks John and Jeff!

This was a great conversation today and partners got really good help for how to grow their businesses! We're all in this together!


Regards, Per