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Ask Me Anything: Reach new customers and drive demand for your business with Microsoft’s Partner Demand Generation services (On-Demand recording)

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Event Description


In today’s virtual world, reaching and closing deals is more complex than ever before. The average salesperson spends over two hours looking into each prospect before contacting them, leaving little time to reach out to other prospects to sell. Moreover, influencing cloud deals today means reaching out to a considerably larger buying committee. In this session, you will learn how Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics can help you be more effective in reaching your desired target audience and influencing key decision-makers.


As a key part of the Go-To-Market with Microsoft program, our Partner Demand Generation services provide you with customized programs that can help you grow your online presence, generate more meaningful leads, and create new business opportunities.


Featured Speaker


Angela RKe.jpgAngela Reese Kawano is the Global Lead for Partner Demand Generation at Microsoft. Angela is responsible for the strategy and delivery of scalable offerings to help partners of all sizes build pipeline and generate revenue with Microsoft. During her tenure at Microsoft, Angela has grown these programs fourfold, delivering robust Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to partners and millions of dollars in revenue for their businesses. Before Microsoft, Angela spent 10 years at IBM leading product and content marketing teams. Angela is half Brazilian and a mom of two little boys.

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