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Ask Me Anything: Protect SMB customers, and qualify to go to Greece

This months AMA features Natee Pretikul, Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Natee is responsible for building partner capacity to deliver Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions to customers worldwide. Prior to this role, he spent three years in the Worldwide Partner Group, where he set the go-to-market strategy for Gold Cloud Competencies, natee.jpgdrove partners to use Microsoft Cloud internally, and enabled new partners to develop cloud business through the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription program. Natee has also worked at Microsoft Thailand as a Product Marketing Manager for Mobile Communication Business and Microsoft Office Division. Natee has an MBA from Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.


This months AMA topic will be "Protect SMB customers, and qualify to go to Greece". Many SMB customers are concerned about their ability to protect their business from cyberattacks and keep their data safe—but lack basic protection against the most common threats. We’ve recently added powerful security capabilities to Microsoft 365 Business, at no additional charge. Your SMB customers can now take advantage of enterprise-grade capabilities, including threat protection with Office 365 ATP, data classification through Azure Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and more.

Details to Participate:

To participate in this months AMA, Start asking questions on this thread October 16th and tune in for the AMA event on October 31st, 9-9:30am PST. The top Kudoed questions will be answered first. 

To ensure you do not forget, please download the calendar invite below! This will be a live session, so a Skype link will be included in the invite. Natee will be giving a live talk for the first 15 minutes, and will be answering live questions for the remainder. In addition, he will be answering questions posted directly to this thread leading up to the event. A recording of the session will be made and posted on MPC later that day, including written material embedded in the post as well. 

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I would like to update my request I did 2 weeks ago, in order to include more impediments to sell M365 Business  🙂 While we are tryting to push to sell M365 Business, let mi recap the main problems we are facing due to missing value that is preventing us (or not helping) to sell the product (this post would substitute the other one I made):

1-No conditional access . 

2-No way to add cloudpbx add-on and telephony plans so M365 Business customers can use Teams for calling and getting calls.

3-No way for customers to be able to reset passwords when they are synced with their local Active Directory . I other words, SSPR cloud Identities feature is not enough, most of customers do not use cloud only identities and I can not imagine for a company of more than 100 users to work without being sync with their local AD.

4-Not enought Windows Defender Protection features . Currently only Windows Exploit Guard Enforcement. We believe that removing advanced features like querying / investigation tools and thinks like that, Windows defender would add great additional value to truly protect users devices).




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Great topic and good idea to have this AMA 🙂

It is clear that Microsoft saw that Microsoft 365 Business had not any value in security and that's because some security features were added before summer.  However, in order to do so, I believe some basic features should be included:

Here is my ask:

-Add Windows Defender Protection (removing advanced features like querying / investigation tools and thinks like that). 

-Add conditional access . 

-Clarify in marketing security diferentiation between Office 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise.





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Hi @CharlyWe hosted our AMA this morning, and Natee took time to address your inquiry after his presentation. Check out the recording here.

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Great to see the AMA. The question we're being asked by customers is:

Why is Conditional Access not included?

And for CSP's:

Where is the detailed service description for Microsoft 365 Business? Also we loved the http://office365sd.com, can we have similar for Microsoft 365? 

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Hi @BruceLaing! We hosted our AMA this morning, and Natee took time to address your inquiry after his presentation. Check out the recording here.


Great topic and a great speaker that knows the topic!

I think that the opportunity is great protecting customers in the SMB space! It is both a great business opportunity but also something that is hugely important as these organizations are sometimes easy targets and also very vulnerable. They also lack time - and sometimes also have a shortage of money to afford. 

My question is: What is the single most important thing we can do to help an SMB increasing their protection? And it's OK to mention a few if you cannot single out only one thing being more important than the others.


Regards, Per

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Hi @PerWerngren! We hosted our AMA this morning, and Natee took time to address your inquiry after his presentation. Check out the recording here.


Thanks TJ! And thanks Natee!


Regards, Per

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This is a great topic and something that we have been working on for the last few months. We have seen an increase in the number of breaches across our SMB customers especially with identity and email. 

We were about to email all of our customers and offer them a solution to protect their identities with Azure MFA on a per authentication consumption model. Call this the foundation of identity security. Then on 1st September Microsoft pulled the ability for customers to purchase Azure MFA on consumption plans leading to a dramatic price increase. Its a big jump from only $50 / month in Azure MFA consumption to $1000 / month for AADP1 licenses (125 user company example). 

M365 business is great and we could successfully demonstrate the value of this to all of our sub 300 seat customers. All it needs is conditional access. Without this component we cannot guarentee that we are protecting all identities in a cusotmers Azure AD tenant. Without it we have to rely on manual enablement of MFA on a per user basis. 

Here is my ask - Add conditional access to M365 Business & demonstrate Microsofts commitement to securing SMB. 

(Also add the MFA auth provider option back)




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Hi @DavidOgborne! We hosted our AMA this morning, and Natee took time to address your inquiry after his presentation. Check out the recording here.