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Ask Me Anything (On-Demand recording): Learn how to leverage our digital marketing platforms to drive demand and nurture leads

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Event description

With more than 67% of the buyers’ journey done online, amplifying content and messaging through digital marketing (social, email, web) is more important than ever. In this session, you'll learn how leveraging Digital Marketing Content OnDemand and Qorus Content Hub through your Go-To-Market with Microsoft resources—at no additional cost—can save time and increase your digital marketing reach.


  • Digital Marketing Content OnDemand is designed to drive growth by generating awareness and enabling customer acquisition through your digital channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email and websites/blogs. Sign up today!
  • Qorus Content Hub is our sales enablement tool that allows you to effectively and efficiently nurture the leads you generate by accessing and customizing email templates, datasheets, pitch decks, eBooks, white papers, and more—in seconds. Sign up today!

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Featured speaker


Cheryl Haney, the interim lead for WW OCP Go-To-Market digital resources, supporting Cydney Hoffnagle and Microsoft Partner Network partners for the past 3 years.

 She is responsible for the digital resources partner experience as well as curating campaign content for the Digital Marketing Content OnDemand program. Additionally, she supports Smart Partner Marketing, Partner Marketing Center and Qorus Content Hub. She works with internal Microsoft stakeholders as well as partners globally to continually make improvements to the digital marketing programs, designed to help partners build and optimize their marketing strategy, increase demand generation, and capture leads. 


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me too

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Are the events recorded?  The reason why I ask is that I live in Sydney, Australia and so this event is at 4:00 am for me.  Best wishes and many thanks.


Yes @Seaonau, this virtual event is recorded and will be available by Nov 23. 


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me too.