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Ask Me Anything: Learn how to Go-To-Market with Microsoft in 4 quick steps (On-Demand recording available)

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Event Description

The Go-To-Market with Microsoft program is designed to provide you with everything you need to build a strong marketing engine. In this Ask Me Anything Live Event, you’ll learn four ways we can help you drive customer acquisition today:

  1. Content: With marketing and campaign content, you can easily build a solid marketing strategy to increase customer reach and amplify your brand.
  2. Technology: Our Marketing technology (martech) easily prepares you for high-touch engagements with customers to increase demand generation.
  3. Consultation: We have robust guidance and support resources to help you pull it all together to go to market with Microsoft.
  4. Get started today! Learn how the program supports your business journey and can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Speaker Bio



Jordan Helling, Global Operations Lead, Go-To-Market with Microsoft, One Commercial Partner


Jordan Helling, joined Microsoft in 2013 leading event strategy for Microsoft Windows commercial and gaming events from there she moved into a variety of digital marketing roles within the Enterprise Partner Group and Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing. Today, Jordan leads global operations for the Go-To-Market with Microsoft Desk the team of Marketing Specialists that support partners with the completion of their Go-To-Market offers included with their partnership with Microsoft. The desk has 6 delivery centers across the globe, supporting 10 languages; enabling partners to grow their cloud business through marketing services and technology.