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Ask Me Anything: ISV Offer and Playbook


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Introducing Denise Hazlick and Laura Kramer, this months Microsoft Experts. Denise Hazlick is the ISV Enablement lead on the Partner Programs team. She focus' on making sure Microsoft has the right enablement programs to help all ISVs be successful. Laura Kramer is the Senior Program Manager for ISV Recruit and Engagement at Microsoft.

This months AMA topic will be “ISV Offer and Playbook”. Start asking questions April 18th and tune in for the AMA even on April 25th, 7-11am PST. The top Kudoed questions will be answered first. 

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-Your Microsoft Partner Community (MPC) Team

Level 3 Contributor

What happened to the IUR benefits for ISVs???

We are a current Application Development Partner and have been for many years.

Recently we were migrated into the new Partner Portal and to our surprise find that the requirements for this competency have changed. Our renewal date is Jan 15 2019 so we have been in a rush to get a few of our developers to pass new exams. In the past, we had maintained this certification via tested applications and customer references.

In the meantime and in parallel to this, I find that we have already met the requirements for Gold ISV as we use an Azure EA to host our solutions for some very large retailers and manufacturers. We clearly meet the Azure spend requirements and our platform solution is listed in the Azure MarketPlace for quick integration with Azure AD. I was so happy to see that (as a Gold ISV) we would still have similar IUR benefits (primarily Visual Studio Subscriptions and O365 Licenses) which we rely on to support our teams and development – these benefits are  clearly identified in the new Partner Portal.

To confirm this, I even worked with a Partner Support representative a few months ago to validate these benefits.

So I’m thinking - we are a Gold ISV and should be good to go for renewal in January and (just in case), I’ll have our developers spend some time taking a few exams to see if we can hold onto the Application Development Competency. However, focusing on taking tests is not where I need developers at the moment and it’s never easy to pull them off active projects.

Nevertheless, I felt confident that the Gold ISV Competency was a good fallback plan for maintain IUR software benefits.

Just by chance, I was speaking with a Microsoft partner account assistant this past week, and she mentioned that Microsoft decided to remove the ISV competency from receiving all IUR software benefits? I was startled and asked: “When was this decision made?”  The response was late in September 2018…

What in the world is going on here?
How is a Partner supposed to keep up with this?

I asked the account rep to show me some evidence of this change and she directed me to logout of the Partner Center and visit a Microsoft Public Website to download the latest IUR benefits for competency Partners.

ISV was not even listed on the document!

I spent weeks working with a partner account rep, validating that the ISV Gold competency would be a great fallback plan to maintain IUR software benefits and now this change?

Does Microsoft believe that ISV partners developing, and hosting their solutions in Azure no longer require Microsoft tools and technologies to develop, support and sustain their customers?

At last check, the ISV competency and IUR software benefits was in review. Why would this even need to be a consideration?



These arw great times to be an ISV! And Micrososoft are really stepping up to support! Modern ISVs deliver through the cloud and have a subscription business model so that they get recurring revenue! I have the past year been in several great discussions with traditional ISVs that have made the decision to modernize themselves and this is really an area where Microsoft provides terrific support in terms of material to read and people to talk to! Regards Per
Level 2 Contributor

Hi, in the ISV hub the download of the IDC case study "The blueprint for P2P success" is not working?



br, Anne


Thank you! We’re in the process of updating the Hub and will fix this.

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Level 5 Contributor

Is there a central place where ISV's can go to see all the current enablement programs available?
Jon Rivers, President/Social Media Disruption Expert
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Tel: +1 617 256 6178
Website: www.marketingmonarchs.com
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Hello, Jon --

Yes, there is a site that surfaces ISV resources across Microsoft -- the ISV Resource Hub. https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/isv-resource-hub

We are in the process of updating it to include more resources. The refreshed version will be live in mid-July. Take a look at the site now and if you have questions or don't see something you're looking for please let me know and I'll try to help!