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Ask Me Anything: Go-to-Market faster and grow your business with Solution Workspace (Live Event, November 19, 2020 8:00 AM PT)

No more searching. Find the resources you need, when you need them. Solution Workspace gives you quick access to the top tools, resources, and technical specialists.


Event description:


“Microsoft has always had a robust set of resources; the challenge has been to find them… Solution Workspace has really gone a long way to create a central area that bridges that gap.”– Guy Cervi, Founder,Trans4orm Solutions

As a Microsoft partner, you have the tools, resources, and documents at your fingertips to spur success. The most efficient way to harness those resources is to enter your solution details in Solution Workspace, where you can work through a personalized checklist that’s filled with Microsoft resources to help bring your idea to life. Because we’ve integrated Solution Workspace with the Microsoft Partner Network digital experience, you’ll also be able to publish a draft offer directly to Commercial Marketplace and access GTM benefits and rewards. Join Nav Khalsa to learn more about Solution Workspace!


Featured Speaker Bio:


nav pic.jpgNav Khalsa is this month’s Microsoft Subject Matter Expert. Nav is a part of the One Commercial Partner organization and she leads partner marketing for with one goal in mind – how to make it better for our partners! Marketing Executive with 10+ years of experience leading teams, developing national marketing strategies, and identifying untapped markets. Proven record of improving brand positions, successfully launching strategic programs and global campaigns. She loves connecting with partners and learning more about their journey! Connect with her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/navjotkhalsa




Ready to get started?  Visit aka.ms/solutionworkspace to enter your solution details and start building. For more information, check out our tutorialdemo video, or the Solution Workspace forum on Microsoft Partner Community. 


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