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Ask Me Anything: Enabling your success with Microsoft (Live Event: Tuesday, November 26, 9:00am PT)

If you missed the event, you can access the recording below and the deck attached.


Title/Topic: Enabling your success with Microsoft


Description: Microsoft invests an array of resources to help partners be successful with Microsoft. Those resources include digital transformation and practice development guidance, technical training and certification and technical assistance. This session is designed to help you discover these DeniseHazlick2sqr_2019.jpgresources, where to find them and when they can be most useful to you.


Presenter: Denise Hazlick works on the One Commercial Partner Capability and Profitability team and focuses on helping partners discover the customer opportunity in building and growing cloud practices with Microsoft


Updated Resources:


Details to Participate: To participate in this AMA, start asking questions on this thread and tune in for the AMA event on Tuesday, November 26, 9:00-9:30am Pacific TimeThe top kudoed questions will be answered first.  Also, be ready to ask questions during the event after the presentation.


'See' you there!

-MPC Team


Level 2 Contributor

  1. How do we get the Microsoft 365 E5 licenses without have to have 6 people to take test and certificate - when we are only 2 technical personnel in our small company.


  1. Why do we always have to have customers with more the 1000 people to get part of the Microsoft Partner Incentives rewards. Our customers need as much help to embrace the product as the larges Enterprise need.


  1. We like to be better to explain customers why security maters also for small companies with 2 to 10 employees 




Community Manager

Hi @kebrjo ,


Thank you so much for sharing this feedback with the community!

I hope you had the chance to review the recording of this meeting, otherwise I wil try to address some of the points below.


All the information that is available on incentives can be found at https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership/partner-incentives

Whether you’re driving consumption or finding new customers, we have incentives that support and reward your success across all partner segments.

As an example, the Microsoft Online Services Advisor Sell incentive rewards partners engaged during the pre-sales phase, leading to new or existing customers acquiring additional Microsoft Dynamics Online seats.


MAPS, Silver and Gold partners are also entitled to technical consultations. Get advice from Microsoft partner technical consultants on presales, deployment and app development scenarios for cloud and hybrid solutions by leveraging your technical presales and deployment benefits.

To your third question, I believe this is your case as well, you might want to check this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3121537/using-technical-presales-and-deployment-services


I hope this helps,