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Ask Me Anything: Building successful partnerships

*Please access the calendar invite and link to the event through the attachment at the very bottom of this post*


If you missed this AMA Session, you can find the recording below:




Hannibal Scipio is a Business Strategy Manager in the One Commercial Partner organization in which he drives the strategy and execution of partner-to-partner, a motion to programmatically enable and empower partners to connect and collaborate with each other to unlock new opportunities. He has spent more than 15 years in the technology industry in both public and private sectors and across business and engineering roles. A change agent, he is always up to the challenge to creatively use technology to overcome obstacles for an individual or for the masses. 


Title/Topic: Building successful partnerships



Learn how, by working with Microsoft and its partners, we can help you build successful partnerships that increase your relevance with customers and unlock new opportunities. During this call, we will discuss our…

  • Approach for enabling partners for strong partnerships
  • Resources developed to provide guidance and insights
  • Success formula to grow your business through partnerships


Details to Participate: To participate in this month's AMA, start asking questions on this thread and tune in for the AMA event on May 29th, 09:30-10:00am PST.

The top Kudoed questions will be answered first. 

To attend the event, please download the calendar invite below. The invite will contain a Teams link which will be used to participate in the event. 

Please start asking questions in the below thread, or be ready to ask questions during the event after the brief presentation.

'See' you there!

-MPC Team


*Please access the calendar invite and link to the event through the attachment at the very bottom of this post*

Visitor 1


     We are looking forward next level partnership with Microsoft. We have more then 13 Subscriptions

in Azure. We are paying near about $ 13000 last 12 months. We are looking partnership where we can get benefit of our Sell. Help us to go next level.




Visitor 2

This is definitely a topic of interest. I'm not sure if I can make it this 29th, but please reply through this channel or the partner portal so we can make arrangements to continue this conversation.


Stay Blessed,



I.E.T.F/LSCS Crytpo-Science Cpark@crypto-science.com

Community Manager

Hi Chris,


Thanks a lot for showing interest in our Event!

In case you can`t make it on the 29th, rest assured we will post the On-Demand recording of the Session on this post.

If you have any questions you can reply on this thread.


Have a great day!



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This is the first Community I'm seeing some real dialogue.   

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i would like to get an understanding of the partnership benefits and who our partner manager is?

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Hannibal Scipio is a Partner Go-to-market Capability Lead at Microsoft since February 2018, his objective is to manage, evolve and expand the Microsoft marketing co-sell capability so that partners can:

   - access the field sellers to sell a bundled Microsoft+ partner solution into customer accounts

   - Reach more enterprise and commercial customers within the Microsoft ecosystem

   - Grow their business with the support of and investment from Microsoft

For all these reasons, Hannibal is definitely very welcome to the partner landscape. 

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Hello, What is the procedure to get help.  Jumpstarting My SaaS and campaign automation


I love this topic and look forward to this AMA with Hannibal!


Building successful partnerships is really key to future success! You cannot, and shouldn't, try to do too many things yourself! My advice is to specialize hard and don't be afraid to narrow your focus - and that opens up for the need of building sustainable partnerships.



Regards, Per


Level 2 Contributor

You are absolutely right.  I have requested with partners but I haven't gotten an reply.  Maybe some technique?

Visitor 1

I think this is an area where most Microsoft partner newbies struggle with.  I look forward to the event!