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Dear partners,

Microsoft Norway is pleased to inform and invite you to our Win with Virtual Demonstrations workshop.


Date and Time: 24.06.2021 | 09:00 - 12:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Solution Area: Business Applications
Event Language: English

Audiences: Pre-Sales Technical / Sales

Level: Beginner




Win with Virtual Demonstrations

Good demos do not have to be perfect for the product. They must be perfect for the audience. Whether you are doing a software demo of your product to secure investment, boost sales or create an effective product demonstration, it is important to understand the best ways of demoing a product to achieve the top results. When executed effectively, product demonstration can lead to intrigue and buzz around your product. But it´s not only about the demo it can also be about the presentation as such, because sometimes a demo is accompanied with a presentation. In the pre-pandemic world, we would in most of the cases do our demos or presentations at the customer site, but with today’s global pandemic where most of use are working from home offices, we do not have the luxury of onsite demos and presentations - and it is indeed a luxury to meet physically. The pandemic has forced us to work virtually and thus also do our demos and presentations virtually. 

A sloppy or flawed online demo, on the other hand, can confuse users, investors, and buyers in terms of available features, and the goal and uses of the product. A smooth demo benefits not only your users and customers — it also sets the stage for your product to progress successfully.

Many salespeople or pre-salespeople confuse virtual demos or presentations with presenting on Microsoft Teams, but they are not the same thing. Virtual presentations/demo requires a higher level of communication which balances both form and substance. Form is the way in which the material is presented/demoed; it is the medium. Substance is the dialogue. To be effective, sales professionals need to consider how to use both form and substance to drive the sale. A focus only on form or only on substance leaves half of the sales equation incomplete. In other words, the strongest message will never connect with the customer if the material is presented poorly, or the demo is executed poorly. At the same time, the best presentation or demos carries little value if the message within does not resonate with the customer. Like the relationship between the sales professional and the stakeholders, the two must work together in harmony.


Topical agenda:

  • Overcoming the challenges in virtual presentations and demos
  • Virtual basics, tips & tricks
  • How to prepare 
  • How to conduct a virtual presentation/demo
  • How to engage your customer
  • How to follow up after a virtual demo/presentation

Key takings that partners will walk away with are:

  • A unique framework with different perspectives to take into consideration when preparing for or running virtual demo or presentations.
  • Important learnings when it comes to how to come across in the best possible way when running virtual demos or presentations.
  • How to structure and create an engaging storyline the engages the audience and make the demo or presentation memorable and convincing


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