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New PowerBI report launched to bring "Beyond Overhead" data to life!



Earlier in the year, we published the white paper “Beyond overhead: Donor expectations for driving impact with technology,” to help make clear that people donate to organizations they trust and that donors are increasingly looking at data beyond the ratio of program spending to overhead spending to measure impact.


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We also found that those who support nonprofits now overwhelmingly recognize the critical role technology plays in driving impact and delivering value.


Nearly four out of five supporters (which includes both donors and volunteers), and more than nine out of 10 funding decision-makers, told us they support directing donations to improve technology at a nonprofit.


An overwhelming majority of 85% of supporters and 95% of funding decision-makers say they’re more likely to support a nonprofit if it shows them how it is using technology to run its programs in a better way.


As Partners for Social Impact, I encourage you to access the whitepaper using the link above and also visit our latest blog entitled 'Beyond overhead: What drives donor support in the digital era' to access the Power BI dashboard that enables you to dig into the information that interests you and your customers the most. 

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Please do share the Whitepaper and Blog post and remember to let us know what you think, and what your customers say when you share these insights.

Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact