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Microsoft 365 Commercial Consulting Tool for nonprofits

Use the Commercial Consulting Tool to highlight the value of Microsoft 365 to nonprofits


As the M365 Partner Launchpad was sunset at the beginning of FY21 I'm delighted to announce that the Commercial Consulting Tool (CCT) has been updated to include Nonprofit question sets that can help:

  1. Educate a nonprofit on why Microsoft 365 is the perfect solution for their needs
  2. Educate a your sellers on how Microsoft 365 addresses the challenges that face a nonprofit

CCT Recommendation.jpg


The idea is that you have the tool open while you run through the questions with the customer. Taking the time to understand their requirements, explaining why these features are important to address their requirements, and thus helping educate the customer.


All you have to do it go to https://cct.transform.microsoft.com/ sign in, and click on the button to get started.


Attached is a document that explains more.

Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact