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Generating economic empowerment, together | National Black Business Month

August is Black Business Month and Microsoft is celebrating by continuing to highlight our commitment to addressing racial inequality in America through the Microsoft Black Partner Growth Initiative.  

Through access to guided support and key resources within the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, our BPGI Partners continue to build innovative solutions and growth opportunities. 


See some of our BPGI solutions showcased in the Partner Innovation Experience. 

Read our latest blog highlighting how four of our BGPI Partners found community and collaboration within the initiative to create new business opportunities. 


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I love this!


May I suggest an updated statement since the one from Satya is over 2 years old now and the DEI report is 3 years old?


I think that we, as a society, have had some eye-opening moments in the past several years that would merit at least an addendum or update.  Kudos on the BPGI, though.  I hope that business owners are taking notice and taking advantage.