ANNOUNCEMENT: Power BI Community Call, September 14, 8AM Pacific

On Wednesday we're excited to bring you a presentation on:
  • Announcing Public Preview of Multiple Audiences for Power BI Apps | Harleen Kaur - Program Manager
More information on topic:

We recently released public preview of Multiple Audiences in the Power BI Apps, one of the highly requested features from the community. With multiple audiences for an App, now Power BI App author can create multiple audience groups within the same App and assign different permissions to each group.

Prior to this feature, to create multiple Apps for different audiences, the App authors had to set up different workspaces to register Apps for each audience. This workspace level isolation resulted in content duplication and operational overhead for the App Authors. With this new capability, the authors can decide which content artifact such as reports, dashboards, etc. should be shared with specific audience groups within an App using a single workspace. This allows fine-grained access permissions for the App consumers who can consume various artifacts in the App based on their group permissions and minimizes operational overhead for the App authors.

If there are any questions prior to the call, please let us know and we can coordinate with the presenter prior to the call.

Please download the FY23 Tech Talks: BI call invite attached, so you don’t miss any of our upcoming calls