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Work smarter, not harder: The Bullet Journal

~How do you stay productive throughout the day? Please share below!~

Real productivity is about more than staying busy. It requires intention and effective follow-through. Likewise, building a successful cloud practice takes great focus and discipline. To help partners help their clients achieve greatness through digital transformation, we're highlighting a popular productivity method created by designer Ryder Carroll: the Bullet Journal.

As he describes in his TEDx Talk, Carroll was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at a young age. After dedicating himself to creating simple resources to help declutter his mind and stay focused, he was surprised to learn his methods were equally meaningful to others. Carroll's ability to help friends and family move from living a distracted life to one of intention led to the viral popularity of the Bullet Journal.

This analog solution to a digital world takes any paper journal and turns it into a customized log of calendars, task lists, schedules, and an index. There are countless ways to personalize your Bullet Journal, from the utilitarian to the vastly creative. But the core underlying philosophy depends on several key elements. These tasks will help rid your mind of things that don't matter - so you have the time and energy to focus on the things that do.

Bullet Journal