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Welcome to the last in our six-part Modern Work Readiness Series!



Using data to understand how customers interact with a product or solution can help partners anticipate their needs and improve overall performance throughout the stages of the customer lifecycle.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce Project Orland for Microsoft 365 – a customer lifecycle management (CLM) experience now available for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners that provides artificial intelligence (AI)-driven customer insights, actionable recommendations, and prescriptive guidance. Project Orland – which has been in private preview for more than year – is based on data science and modeling used internally by Microsoft and has benefitted from ongoing partner feedback to create a robust experience. CSP partners who join the public preview now can continue to shape and improve the final product, delivering value at every stage of the customer journey, and ultimately maximizing their investment in Microsoft 365.


In this 25-minute Inspire pre-day session, join Matt Goddard, Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft 365, as he discusses how proactive CLM practices lead to increased customer engagement and sales opportunities. And hear from Cobweb Services, a partner who has been involved in the product development of Project Orland from the early private preview period. Learn how Cobweb uses the data recommendations from Project Orland to help anticipate and respond to customer needs, prioritize customer engagement opportunities, and identify incremental revenue opportunities.

Start building your CLM practice with Project Orland for Microsoft 365 today:



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