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Upcoming Teams Premium launch!


We are pleased to introduce the new add-on availability of Microsoft Teams Premium beginning February 1, 2023. Teams Premium helps make meetings more personalized, intelligent, and protected. The new offer includes premium value for Teams meetings that allows organizations the ability to manage advanced virtual appointments, webinars, and use time-saving meeting solutions with one offering.



Teams Premium will launch on February 1, 2023 with an introductory price of $7 USD ERP/user/month available through June 30, 2023. Teams Premium prices will increase to standard pricing for new customers on July 1, 2023, upon the end of the introductory pricing period.



Introductory price
February 1-June 30, 2023

Standard price
Beginning July 1, 2023

Microsoft Teams Premium1,2

$7/u/m USD ERP

$10/u/m USD ERP


1VL customers as of June 30, 2023, can continue to add new licenses throughout the duration of their current enrollment at their negotiated Microsoft Teams Premium prices.


2Introductory pricing for Teams Premium will not be reflected on the January 1 pricelist preview, but will be updated at launch on the February 1 pricelist.


Please be advised of the following when transacting Teams Premium with introductory pricing:


  • Customers must purchase Teams Premium prior to July 1, 2023, to receive introductory pricing.
  • Add the introductory price (or price negotiated based on the introductory price) to the Future Pricing Table (FPT) to ensure additional seats can be added at that price and (for EAS specifically) that pricing for existing seats is not automatically increased on July 1, 2023.
  • Upon the next renewal on or after July 1, 2023, customers will need to move to standard pricing (or price negotiated based on the standard price).
  • Avoid selling small quantities just to lock the introductory price. Customers should be sold on the product value and the license quantity should reflect the user population for which they intend to deploy the product.






Teams Premium

Teams Premium Introductory Pricing Sub Per User





Offer Name

Product ID

Teams Premium Introductory Pricing



Field Call to Action:

  • Revise any quotes based on the $10 preview price prior to submitting to avoid any need to revise and credit/rebill after signing and processing.
  • Share updated introductory pricing information with your Partners: New introductory pricing period for Teams Premium add-on.
  • Clarify with partners that the customer’s price will increase at their next renewal after June 30, 2023.



While marketing may refer to these as promos, they are not technically promo SKUs. Please see below for important differences between these introductory-priced SKU and promo SKUs:



Introductory-priced SKU

Promo SKU

SKUs used

Uses standard/regular SKU with temporarily discounted price

Uses separate promo SKU with discounted price


Subject to Standard Field Empowerment

Cannot be discounted

Price lock

Future Pricing Table (FPT) can be updated with introductory price.

Promo price locked through duration of current enrollment term for seats added during the promo period using the promo SKU. Promo SKUs CANNOT be included on Future Pricing Table (FPT).

Seat adds

Customers purchasing at the introductory price can continue to add new seats at that price throughout their existing enrollment terms (even after the introductory price period ends) as long as the Future Pricing Table (FPT) is updated with the introductory price (or price negotiated based on the introductory price).

Promo SKU/price can only be used for seats added during the promo period.


Must move to standard price (or negotiated price based standard price) for all seats at next renewal after standard pricing goes into effect. 
Applies to renewals on or after July 1, 2023 for Teams Premium.

Promo SKUs cannot be renewed. Only available for purchase while promo lasts. Must move promo seats to standard/negotiated SKU price at renewal.


Geo availability: WW

Segment availability: Commercial (including WW Commercial Public Sector), Non-profit (standard discounting applies), GCC (GCC launching March 1, 2023)

Channel availability: Enterprise Agreement (EA)/Enterprise Subscription (EAS), CSP, Online (Web Direct)


Pre-requisites: Microsoft 365 F1/F3/E3/G3/E5/G5/Business Basic/Business Standard/Business Premium, Office 365 F3/E1/E3/G3/E5/G5, Teams Essentials (Azure Identity)


Value included in M365/O365 suites: N/A




For questions, please contact AskTeamsPremium@service.microsoft.com.​​​​​​​