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Travel this onboarding journey for existing Microsoft Partners to add the Nonprofit sector to your portfolio!



Our world has changed, and now more than ever, nonprofits need simple, secure solutions to help modernize their organizations. Nonprofits seeking to reimagine the way they work can take their organization from “survive” to “thrive” by digitally transforming their day-to-day work and operations for the benefit of the community and their constituents, creating more opportunities for growth. 


Microsoft grants and discounts offer nonprofits flexible and affordable cloud solutions to empower simple collaboration, protect against cyberthreats, and most importantly, deliver greater mission impact. 


Nonprofit organizations need a trusted Microsoft Partner to succeed, and Microsoft needs partners to meet demand. 


Adding the nonprofit sector to your existing business portfolio empowers you to: 

Quickly enter a new sector by leveraging your preexisting skills: Selling to nonprofits does not require new skilling, it requires understanding how to sell into, support NPs on their digital skilling and transformation. 


Nonprofits have the same needs as commercial accounts: the need to move to the cloud to drive cost savings while supporting a remote workforce and protecting against cyber-threats.


Grow your business by servicing one of the largest market opportunities in the world: There exists a supply gap of Microsoft partners servicing the current demand of the nonprofit sector. 


In the U.S., the nonprofit sector is the third-largest employment sector and employs 1 in every 10 working Americans. (Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies 2020 Nonprofit Employment Report)


Improve employee satisfaction and retention: Research shows increased employee retention and positive cultural morale when companies engage in purposeful work. Purpose at Work: An Important Employee Retention Factor — Smart HR (smarthrinc.com) Doing good business is good for your business.


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