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Signature Cloud Support is now available as part of MPN Benefits within Partner Center

With the recent release, Partner Center will be supporting  Signature Cloud Support (SCS) wihtin MPN Benefits -> Techincal Benefits. SCS already existed for partners but not through Partner Membership Center (PMC) /Partner Center (PC).  SCS is similar to Microsoft Product Support wherein you can use SCS Access ID-Contract ID (AID-CID) for raising product support incidents on Azure portal. The only difference between SCS and MPS is the SCS is specifically aimed at Azure, cloud products whereas MPS can be used to raise product support incidents for both on prem and cloud products


For more information on how to use SCS benefits as against MPS, Please check here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4020188/technical-support-for-microsoft-partners


As part of SCS, competency partners get unlimited product support incidents if the partner  has any of the cloud competencies mentioned below and 5/10 SCS support incidents respectively if the partner is Silver/Gold competent in any of the other non-cloud competencies. Cloud competencies supported under SCS in PC are:

  • Cloud Business Applications
  • Cloud Customer Relationship Management
  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Signature Cloud support will be displayed in PC only to those partners who have renewed/attained Silver/Gold beyond 03rd July 2019 in PC. Partners who have renewed in PMC and migrate over to PC at a later date will not be considered for SCS benefits in PC in their current Anniversary cycle.