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Self-service trials for Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio trials are now available to individuals and departments via self-service sign-up or direct license request to their IT team.  



Beginning January 26, 2022, customers and individuals without global or billing admin rights can sign up for Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio 30-day trials before directly purchasing subscriptions or engaging their IT procurement team. This means that customers’ existing business sign-in details can be used to sign up or request licenses for the following trials on their established tenants managed by their organization. 


Eligible subscriptions include:  

·         Project Plan 1 

·         Project Plan 3 

·         Visio Plan 1  

·         Visio Plan 2 

Note: These trial capabilities are available worldwide except for India. They’re not available to Education or Government customers.  


Global or billing admins

Admins can use the same self-service purchase controls to turn off self-service trials while making use of subscription management capabilities to oversee and manage trial licenses on the Licenses page in the Billing section of the Microsoft 365 admin center.


Partner benefits

Partners offering their partner services to individuals and departments will have another option for their customers to sign up for trial experiences, with a more streamlined way to procure trial licenses from IT departments or through self-service sign-ups. Partner services can span project management or diagramming and data visualization, consulting, and training services.  


Additional resources 

·         Discover more on how to manage self-service licenses acquired by individuals or departments in your organization.

·         Review all readiness resources in the Operations Readiness resource gallery.

Next steps

Review the resources about this topic, and share with the appropriate stakeholders in your organization.


For further questions about these offers, check your relevant Yammer communities.