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New! Modern Work Readiness Series | Help your SMB customers maximize their Microsoft 365 investment



With the new Modern Work Readiness Series, you can help your customers do more with less by leveraging Microsoft 365 tools designed just for small businesses.


In this five-part, bi-weekly series, you’ll find videos, tools, and early insight into our upcoming strategy to help you:


1.   Accelerate your Modern Work SMB Business

2.   Gain new customers with Teams Essentials

3.   Acquire and upsell customers with seamless security for SMB

4.   Grow your business with NextGen Windows experiences for SMB

5.   Ensure your customers’ success with AI-driven insights and actionable recommendations


Next steps


  • Watch this 30-minute Inspire pre-day session, featuring Sela Gu, Director of SMB and Scale Engines, as she discusses hybrid work with Teams Essentials, seamless security with Microsoft Defender for Business, and comprehensive productivity solutions in Microsoft 365 suites. (Skip to minute marker 3:59 for new solutions and assets, and additional ways to grow your partner practice.)


  • Stay tuned over the next several weeks as we share resources designed to help you supercharge your sales and marketing strategies, accelerate revenue growth, and increase user acquisition.


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