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NEWS!! Power Apps Africa Challenge 2022



It’s that time again for the Power Apps Africa Challenge, which this year will scale and aim to certify 2,000 people in PL-100 Power Platform App Maker.  See the impact with Lavender’s story (Video 3:06)


Microsoft Partners with regional presence can join the challenge as a collaborator and have your own team of customers. Other students, career switchers and community members will be assigned to your teams as well for them to coach in the challenge. 


Learn how to partner promote and engage with the challenge below:



REPOST FROM @ASobiek please tag her for questions! 

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Hello @Mido-Samir I have reached out on your behalf to Stella (she is mentioned in the article above) and she will connect you with the correct team to sort you out. 🙂




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Great new for me.


I have a question please. I am from Egypt and currently live in Qatar. Is it possible to register ?