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NEW Microsoft Teams Rooms | Solution Sales Professional 2023 Badge



We pleased to share with you that today, Microsoft is launching a NEW Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution Sales Professional 2023 Badge. This badge is a recognition that partner individuals can attain, showcasing their sales expertise and solution selling skills across Microsoft Teams Room solutions.


Why should partner individuals be interested in getting the Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution Sales Professional 2023 Badge?


Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution Sales Professional 2023 Badge exam is based on the sales training delivered by Microsoft, in the October 2022 Microsoft Teams Rooms Partner Sales Bootcamp. This comprehensive sales training was designed to assist partners build a robust Teams Rooms practice, enabling their sellers with knowledge and skills required to meet the growing hybrid work needs of their customers. Partner individuals taking the training and attaining the badge, can showcase their expertise in their email signature, on their LinkedIn profile, and on their company’s website.



Recommended but not limited to the following roles,

§  Sales, presales, and business development managers

§  Adoption and change management consultants.

§  Hybrid work or collaboration practice leads.

§  Product managers and category leads

§  Presales and sales consultants

§  Sales or presales engineers

What’s being tested in the badge exam,

The Hybrid Work Landscape

ü  Customer needs and partner opportunity

Microsoft Teams Rooms for Hybrid Work

ü  Microsoft Pro features and benefits

Teams Rooms Sales Process Demystified

ü  Conversation starters & objection handling

Go to Market, Tools, Resources & Support

ü  Practice building, marketing resources, demo tools, Co-Sell engagements, and workshop





How can you get the Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution Sales Professional Badge?

1.     Prepare for the exam, via content hosted on Microsoft 365 & Security Learning Path

2.     Pass the exam, hosted on ExpertZone

3.     Download marketing assets to help you promote your new badge!


Create an account on ExpertZone and start your journey to attain your badge