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Microsoft 365 SMB Masters Program Digital Events



Since introducing Microsoft 365 Business Premium in 2017, we have continually brought new value to Business Premium to help small medium business (SMB) customers be productive while running their businesses securely. With the previously announced price change from 2022 taking effect for a number of your customers beginning in March 2023, now is the time to engage with customers in renewal and upsell conversations focused on the value included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium to help them do more with less while increasing their security confidence.

The Microsoft SMB team would like to invite you to 3 upcoming digital event series in preparation for renewal and upsell conversations with SMBs.

(1)    Microsoft 365 SMB Renewal and Upsell Webinars available for February 6, 9, 22, and 27: Register

(2)    Microsoft 365 Masters Virtual Bootcamp, February 14-16 Register

(3)    Microsoft 365 Masters Webinar Series, weekly beginning February 21st Register

For more details about each of the upcoming digital events see below:

Microsoft 365 SMB Masters renewal and upsell webinars


With many SMB customers experiencing the Microsoft 365 Business Premium price increase for the first time in the coming weeks, we will host two webinars to help you as a partner to successfully retain current Microsoft 365 Business Premium customers – and upselling Microsoft 365 productivity customers with security. The first webinar will be held February 6, 2023.

US Session: February 6 – PST AM Register
APAC Session: February 9th – PST PM Register
China Session: February 9th - PST PM Register

US Session: February 22 - PST AM Register

APAC Session: February 27th - PST PM Register

China Session: February 27th - PST PM Register


Microsoft 365 SMB Masters Virtual Bootcamp


Register today for the SMB Masters Bootcamp, which will be delivered live by Microsoft speakers over three days on February 14-16, 2023. Small and medium business (SMB) partners who attend this event will gain insight that can help you grow capabilities in selling, managing, and deploying Microsoft 365 solutions for SMBs. Partner individuals attending this event will have the opportunity to interact with Microsoft subject matter experts through a moderated live Q&A chat.


Day 1 of the bootcamp will focus on the value proposition and the sales perspective. For this track, we recommend business leaders and sellers to join. Attendees will learn about the Microsoft 365 value proposition for SMB customers across the key areas of productivity, security, and Windows 365. You’ll also find out about important resources and programs to help accelerate sales.


Days 2 and 3 will deep dive into the technical aspects of managing and deploying key features of Microsoft 365 Business SKUs, which are specifically built for SMBs. For this, we recommend technical roles to join. We will cover security, device management, productivity, and Windows 365.

Register for the SMB Masters Bootcamp


Microsoft 365 SMB Masters webinar series


Starting February 21, 2023 , we will kick off a seven-week digital webinar series. We will deliver weekly sessions every Tuesday at 8:00 AM, Pacific Time (which will be redelivered the following Monday at 7:00 PM, Pacific Time for APAC time zones).


We will start the program with three sessions about security, followed by two sessions about device management and Windows 365. We will finish the series with two sessions covering hybrid work. You will find more detailed session information on the registration page.

Register for the SMB Master Webinar Series


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