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MSPs who are Microsoft Partners (any level) can now activate 25 seats of Azure AD Premium Plan!

Managed service providers (MSPs) with delegated access can strengthen cybersecurity with Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium Plan 2. Take advantage of premium security features including Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and risk-based Conditional Access capabilities, as well as the ability to view sign-in logs longer at no extra charge.


Prior to October 1, 2022, partners in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program could activate the first free 12-month subscription of Azure AD Premium Plan 2 for up to 25 seats in their partner tenant. Partners in the CSP program with Delegated Administrative Privileges (DAP) can now activate a second free 12-month subscription of Azure AD Premium Plan 2 for up to 25 seats in their partner tenant anytime before October 1, 2023.


Azure AD Premium Plan 2 security features

Protecting access to customer data is a cybersecurity priority for both MSPs and Microsoft. With this offer, you get tools that:


  • Enable the principle of least privilege access. Minimize the number of staff who have standing high privilege access to delegated customer tenants. Learn more about using Azure AD PIM.
  • Better protect customer data and oversee staff access through risk-based conditional access. Learn more about User risk-based Conditional Access and Sign-in risk-based Condition Access.
  • Review cross-tenant sign-in activity data. Evaluate information about cross-tenant sign-ins and how the delegated access granted to you by your customers is used by your staff. Learn more about Azure AD sign-in logs.


Next steps

Activate your free 12-month subscription of Azure AD Premium Plan 2 today.

For more information and guidance, read the announcement.