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Learn how to Do More With Less on Azure! Check out the resources available and launch your own campaigns with the campaign-in-a-box assets

To help customers navigate market uncertainty, increase agility, and accelerate growth with Do More With Less, Microsoft is launching the Do More With Less on Azure initiative. This initiative aims to help customers save by migrating to the cloud, optimizing their investment on Azure, and reinvesting for resilience & growth.


The initiative pillars are:

  • Migration: Customers save on cloud costs and gain efficiencies when they migrate their on-premises workloads to Azure
  • Optimization: Reduced financial costs and increased efficiency of their existing Azure investment
  • Reinvesting: Customers can reinvest cost savings from migration and optimization into Azure solutions that grow their business

NEW! Do More With Less campaign-in-a-box. This co-branded, semi-customizable campaign is designed to provide partners with everything you need to execute an account-based marketing campaign to help you generate top-of-the-funnel leads and enable new Do More With Less opportunities


Check out the campaign-in-a-box partner assets here >