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Kaizala retirement announcement

On August 26, 2022, Microsoft announced the official retirement of Kaizala, which will happen on August 31, 2023. Customers will receive 12 months of notice to help them plan and complete their transition to Teams.




  • We want to clarify where our future investments are in the communication and collaboration space and reduce the confusion in partners’ and the customers’ minds.
  • We want to provide Kaizala customers with a clear path to ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams.


What this means for our customers


  • Kaizala will retire on August 31, 2023; support for and access to Kaizala will discontinue after the retirement date.
  • From now until August 31, 2023, current Kaizala customers will experience no change in service and may add new users to existing tenants.
  • Beginning August 26, 2022, no new tenants will be onboarded to Kaizala, and new Microsoft 365 customers will be onboarded directly to Teams for chat, meetings, and calling.
  • We encourage customers to begin their transition journey from Kaizala to Teams well in advance of the retirement date.
  • We have put significant resources into making this transition smooth for our customers. We anticipate this announcement may spark an increased volume of inquiries from customers with specific questions about Kaizala support, Teams capabilities, transition planning resources, and even exception requests for support past August 2023.
  • To help customers transition to Teams, Microsoft is offering a broad range of support services and guidance – including step-by-step tutorials, training, and more.


What this means for our Modern Work partners


  • Opportunity to transition Kaizala customers to Microsoft Teams. Many Kaizala users have Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licenses and haven’t fully enabled them. This is an opportunity for our partners to move Kaizala users to Teams.
  • Opportunity to sell Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licenses. We will make Teams Exploratory* licenses available to Azure Active Directory (AAD) customers of Kaizala, which allows users in organizations that have AAD and aren't licensed for Teams initiate an exploratory experience of Teams. This will create the volume license selling opportunity to non-licensed users at the end of the 12-month subscription.


Next steps


  • Contact (or talk) with your customers about the upcoming retirement date.
  • Work with customers to identify license options and solutions that are the best fit for them.
  • Use the transition planning resources as a guide to help customers plan their migration to Teams.