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GDPR is here! First day!

Finally May 25th is here and now GDPR is a fact! 

Personally I really look forward to a big reduction of unwanted newsletters but right now we're all overwhelmed with the large number of last minute GDPR emails!

We've heard concerns that GDPR will make innovation harder in Europe and that it will almost impossible for Europeans to compete in AI. Also some companies have said that they are stopping selling their services in Europe because GDPR is too much of a burden.

I believe most of this to be untrue and I'm perfectly convinced that innovation will still flourish in Europe and that companies that wants to sell to Europeans will be able to comply with GDPR. 

Microsoft have done a great job in helping partners and most of us are well prepared. GDPR is likely to be the new normal in the world and it's only a matter of time before this will influence legislation in other democratic countries - and even before it become legislation elsewhere it will become an industry standard that respectable vendors will respect. 


Regards, Per