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Every day is Earth Day

For us, the EarthDay_Infographic_04.17.18_v2.pngearth isn't just a nice place to call home. It powers our data centers, our office buildings, and our software labs. And that’s because at Microsoft, we don't just help the planet. We partner with it.     


We are the largest user of green energy in the United States. We've also been carbon neutral since 2012, and in 2014 we became 100 percent powered by renewable energy.    


Our commitment to sustainability goes well beyond just one day. We believe every day is Earth Day. Because every day, every one of us has the opportunity to do something that makes the world a little better.   


So to celebrate Earth Day 2018, we created an infographic to help you see the little things you can do every day that make a big difference. There is still much that we can do, but if you’re looking for a way to #partnerwiththeplanet, this is a great place to start.