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Announcing Modern and Fixed policies

As of March 9, 2017, the Microsoft Lifecycle policies are categorized as follows: Fixed and Modern. This is a change from previous terms of On-Premises and Online policies, in order to more accurately align with our product and services offerings. Additionally, the Online Services Policy is renamed as the Modern Policy.

  • Fixed policies govern products and services that have a defined end-of-support date. Fixed policies include the Business, Developer and Desktop Operating System Policy, Consumer and Multimedia Policy, and Device Operating System policies.
  • Modern policies follow a continuous service and support model, without end-of-support dates. The Modern Policy itself, introduced publicly in August 2016, offers this continuous model to both on premises and online products and services.

There is no change to policies for existing products and services. Lifecycle commitments will continue as published. You can find the latest Fixed and Modern lifecycle information for all commercial Microsoft products and services, along with servicing guidelines and system requirements, by searching the public-facing Lifecycle Date Grid.