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10 days to GDPR - time to get ready before May 25!

Time flies! GDPR goes in to effect on May 25!

This is super important for anyone doing business within the European Union but it looks like GDPR is going to influence legislation around the globe!

GDPR is a GREAT business opportunity for Microsoft Partners that can help their customers getting their acts together in order to meet the rules set up in GDPR. But it is also something that we as Microsoft Partners needs to do ourselves! We will need to make sure that we are ready on May 25 so that we respect and comply with GDPR.

Many things are really common sense and it starts with writing a policy how we treat personal data and our processes for how to make sure that we list all the places where we store data and what type of data that is stored. Under GDPR it is important to delete surplus data and to constantly make sure that we store as little as possible. We also need to have proper agreements in place with parties that process the data that we control. And we need to have consent from the people are in our directories. 

Well, its a long list of things that needs to be done and it is important that we as Microsoft Partners not only try to sell solutions around GDPR to our customers, but that we also make sure that we are the best role models in the world around how to protect the privacy of our customers, employees and business partners. And for us that are doing business in the European Union, GDPR is not a option - its the law, starting from May 25.

I believe that we as Microsoft Partners can help each other and share best practices in an altruistic way - we will all benefit from helping each other so let's start sharing within our community for the greater good!


Regards, Per