How can Advance Support for Partners help your customers migrate from the recent retired Skype to Teams?

Hi MSFT Partner 

As you know, Skype for Business Online, will retire, but will be fully functional through July 31, 2021 to allow your customers time to transition users to Teams or to an instance of Skype for Business Server.

So, you can be probably be facing a great opportunity, to finally convince one or some of your more resilient customers and migrate them to Teams.


As a partner you are probably thinking that this is a great opportunity indeed, but you don't have the whole knowledge to execute it. Don't worry, Advance Support for Partners (ASfP) can help you. How?

Well, it's pretty easy to be honest, you just need to contact your PSAM (Partner Success Account Manager) and ask him to use one of your most powerful ASfP benefits, the Cloud Consults. And with the help of one of our Partner Technical Consultants you will have an exclusive follow up to provide you all the guidance and advisory you need for this scenario or for any other when it comes to Cloud Solutions.


Post your questions and let me help you! I'll be happy to drive you into the Digital Transformation Era.