Find the training you need at the Readiness Hub

A key aspect of the value of readiness content is the ability to easily find and consume the training you need when you need it. With the recently refreshed Readiness Hub, you now have a simplified starting point for training success where you can skill up on Microsoft 365 and Security, Compliance, and Identity presales and technical solutions, with self-paced content to help you build your knowledge and arrive at your goals faster.


Readiness Hub content is organized by key solution categories which enable you to quickly explore available learning paths. When you’ve selected a learning path, you can browse the modules or narrow the options by filtering for presales or technical content or by skill level. The dashboard feature enables you to create your own customized learning path. Just click “Add to dashboard” to save a module. To begin learning, simply click “Start your course.” The dashboard will track your progress.


In addition, we have the new Readiness Calendar, which gives you visibility to upcoming events, such as technical bootcamps, Certification weeks, webinars and sales trainings, key regional events, and Microsoft and industry-specific flagship events. You can register for these events directly from this site, making it easier for you to discover events and plan your time.


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