Announcement: Launch of the partner roadmap on

We are excited to announce the official launch of the partner roadmap on the partner website.


The roadmap was developed in direct response to partner feedback and designed to provide partners with:

  • A consolidated view of the investments we’re making in transforming the Microsoft Partner Network to ensure future relevance and success for partners, customers, and Microsoft.
  • Context on why we are making changes to help partners understand what to prioritize to ensure their businesses’ future success.
  • Targeted actions partners need to take, or can choose to take, to maintain and grow their partnership with Microsoft.

The experience was developed with two distinct views – the narrative view and action panel view – and both views are personalized by partner types and specific attributes such as “has a competency” or “is in the Cloud Solution Provider program”. 


Narrative view: a roadmap view of engineering-dependent releases and priority launches or changes by half, positioned for partner consumption.

Action panel view: a card view showing activities or changes where a partner either needs to take action, or where taking action is directly relevant for the partner to grow their business.