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Solution Workspace is an online guide that is designed to streamline a partner’s progress from an initial idea to a successful solution in market. It does this by providing tactically actionable steps and high-value resources. You can tap into the right custom journey, no matter what solution you’re designing.


The resources in this tool come from hundreds of discussions with partners, Partner Development Managers, technical teams and product owners. And the list of resources will continue to grow and be updated.


The biggest benefit of Solution Workspace is the quality of the resources and that they are organized to mirror the Microsoft solution lifecycle – build, GTM, sell. As partners build their solutions, the Build stage is organized into a checklist which reflects the steps that most teams take to build their app or service. The same is true for go-to-market and sell stages. Each larger stage is broken down into tactical steps and tasks that help reduce clutter and create focus on the essential actions that will help propel a partner’s solution to their customers.


The tool is free to use. Its designed for ISVs, System Integrators, or Managed Service Providers who are currently working on a solution. Both managed and unmanaged partners can leverage it. You must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and have been onboarded onto Partner Center to use this tool.


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