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Accelerate your growth with Microsoft

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One-on-one partner assistance to grow your cloud business



Remote work and online business are accelerating fast, security concerns have long been a concern but continue to grow each day, and partners need to continue to build or expand their cloud services to address customer’s growing needs.  


The Microsoft Partner Network offers its members a wealth of resources to help partners grow their cloud business, and we know navigating these resources can seem overwhelming at times. To help with that, the Cloud Enablement Desk offers partners a guided experience in which a Microsoft cloud specialist identifies your business needs and connects you with the right resources and benefits to build your Microsoft cloud practice.


When you engage with the Cloud Enablement Desk, you get access to a Microsoft cloud specialist for six to nine months to help you grow your cloud business. From technical skilling, assistance going to market, building your business through competencies, connecting with customers through marketplaces, and more, the Cloud Enablement Desk specialists are there to support the unique needs of your organization.


How can the Cloud Enablement Desk help?


Maximize your available Benefits

If you have an Action Pack or Competency, the CED can help explain all of your benefits and facilitate the connection to a specialist team (Partner Technical Consultants) to support partners with technical readiness, or refer partners to the Go-to-Market services team for relevant services.


Differentiate your competency attainment & Advanced Specialization

Help partners identify the best fit competency for their business, understand the requirements and benefits, and guidance through the attainment process.


Solution Onboarding to the Commercial Marketplace

Review the Marketplace opportunity, and guidance through the process.


Partner Center Lead Activation

Partners are assisted with their business profile setup, and ensure leads are actioned and support profile adjustments as needed.


Solution Onboarding to Co-Sell

Partners are guided through co-sell requirements, and solution listing process.


There are some minimal requirements needed to engage with the Cloud Enablement Desk.

  • Must have a valid Microsoft Partner Network ID
  • Must be in solution build phase, have an existing or nearly finished Microsoft technology solution
  • Must not currently be working with a Partner Development Manager (PDM)

Submit a request to connect with the Cloud Enablement Desk.


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