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Future Proofing your business with skilling your employees



There are so many reasons why you want to skill up your employees but common reasons are expand your customer solution offerings to grow your business, and build credibility with your customers by attaining a Microsoft Competency.


Kerri Connolly, Director of Partner Development, One Commercial Partner at Microsoft Canada wrote “Future proof your skillset” blog that discusses the need for skilling and provides some best practices for building a learning culture. 


There are many opportunities to train and certify yourself or your employees. Below I have highlighted a few key resources.


Training & Events

  • Visit the Canada Partner Events Calendar that highlights technical and business training and events. At the bottom of the web page you can also find links to additional Virtual Trainings, Microsoft Learn and the Partner Training Center. 
  • Participate in a Virtual Training Series, interactive, regionally delivered webinars that are designed to prepare your team for Microsoft certifications and boost your team’s knowledge of deep technical scenarios across all Microsoft cloud solutions. These training opportunities, offering chat-based instructors, provide targeted information that enhance your team’s expertise. Download the training calendar by visiting the site. Sessions are updated regularly. 
  • Each month you will find the “What’s new for Canadian Partners” on the Microsoft Partner Community site which lists out training and events that are happening locally. On that same site you can find individual events that are posted under the Canadian Training and Events section. 
  • Attend Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s largest partner conference that takes place each year in the July timeframe. This is an opportunity to learn, network and establish new partnering opportunities. On demand sessions are available from the prior year.
  • Microsoft Virtual Training Days -  Maximize your time with accelerated remote event offerings, covering a range of technical topics for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


Earn certifications that show you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. 


Build a Cloud Practice - Playbooks & Ebooks

There are also many resources that are available for partners that include eBooks, Playbooks to help understand the market opportunity and provide training and go-to-market guidance. If you are looking for new opportunities to expand or transform your business, these resources may provide you with some guidance. 


Access Specific Cloud Practice Building Resources:

  1. Build your endpoint management practice, powered by Microsoft 365. 
  2. Help your customers transform their workplace and enhance work productivity with Microsoft Teams
  3. Get the tools you need to develop and launch successful security-focused solutions
  4. Empower your customers to unlock growth in their business with Dynamics 365
  5. Fuel the engine of the future by offering cloud migration services to your customers. 
  6. Take your customer’s business to the next level and unlock the true power of data, no matter where it is. 
  7. Discover the best ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your business 
  8. Make things happen with the industry’s leading platform for Internet of Things (IoT) 
  9. Whether you’re looking to build, migrate or modernize an application, the SaaS Solution Guide can help get your idea in front of the largest customer base in the industry.
  10. Choose your own business adventure – Microsoft Practice Development Playbooks