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Engage Customers with Go-to-Market Resources

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There are many marketing resources to leverage from education tools and tips on marketing, leveraging professional curated content for your own campaigns, to Microsoft guidelines on how to execute co-marketing effectively. Below you can find several key marketing resources to help you grow your business.


Smart Partner Marketing 

This is a great place to start to find key assets that will help you create your own campaigns, leverage tools like Qorus Content Hub to serve up sales materials right from Office 365, or consider how to re-think your marketing practice by downloading the IDC Partner Marketing eBook.

Here are a few things you can find  on Smart Partner Marketing:

  • IDC Partner Marketing eBook to learn how to re-think practices and go beyond traditional marketing and enhance customer experiences.
  • Digital Marketing Content on Demand  – syndicated content to save time in creating  customizable marketing campaigns.
  • Partner Marketing Center – a repository of resources and assets you can leverage such as blogs, articles, case studies, brochures.
  • Qorus Content Hub – Allows you to streamline marketing and sales materials right into Microsoft Office 365 and provides valuable customer insights.

You can also leverage additional assets or leverage the Microsoft marketplace for additional exposure to your solutions.


Marketing with Microsoft:

If you are building campaigns that include Microsoft, the below guidelines will be helpful when using the Microsoft logo.


Guidelines for using the Microsoft logo and brand:

Guidelines for Microsoft logo programs:

Co-branding scenario:

When communicating with your customers, use your own brand identity (colours, photos, fonts, etc.) and only include your logo in the branded position (upper left corner or creative assets). If using the Microsoft logo, please use the full colour version in the upper right corner.


Marketing Blog & Video Series


Microsoft Blog Series:

Video Series of Quick Guides on Selling:


Marketing Resources with Solution Workspace

Solution Workspace has partner-tested tools to build your solution. It can help reduce the time it takes to find the right tools you need on-demand, all in one location. Use the three-step approach to build, go-to-market and sell your solution. Watch a quick video here to get a quick overview of Solution Workspace.


Watch a quick video that provides an overview of Solution Workspace.


Within the go-to-market section when you are building your solution, you will have access to many resources to help you build your campaigns, promote your offers, access marketing training, or connecting with someone at the Cloud Enablement Desk to understand your marketing benefits. Below gives you an idea of what Solution Workspace looks like and the key resources it includes. These resources will continue to be updated in future. 





Learn more about your program Benefits

For those partners who have a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription or Competency, you also earn go-to-market benefits. If you are not sure what benefits you have available, you can contact the Cloud Enablement Desk and they can help explain your benefits available based on your program participation, and refer you to the GTM services team for additional support. If you wish to be contacted by the Cloud Enablement Desk, you will need to complete this form and they will be in contact with you.