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Micosoaft Teams Service Number Calling Plans



Any partners know the process for activating a Calling Plan and Communication Credits so Microsoft Service numbers can be used in tenancy since the migration to Teams AA and Queues.


We have client with an Australian based tenancy with offices in Australia and now New Zealand. Australian staff are on TCO365 and NZ staff are PSTN vis Direct Routing. We set up AA and Queues for NZ using the Direct Routing number ranges but it turns out that Direct Routing service number have routing issues in NZ and some other countries according to support, so they have recommended MS Service numbers which now require Calling Plan and Communications Credits.


Trying to work out how we can set this up for the tenancy when Calling Plans for AU are TCO365 with no options for NZ numbers, or NZ service numbers from MS (which have been allocated) but to Calling Plan available in NZ.

MS support have now gone MIA without providing me with guidance on how to set up their recommendation!?!


Thanks for any guidance.





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Hi Courtenay,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. The issue with inbound calls to Queues and AA's using numbers from the Direct Routing range is that call presented to attendants can't be picked up for about 5 seconds and when an agent picks a call up it continues to present to the other agents for some time.

I have a support ticket logged and the recommendation was that while service numbers via Direct Routing is now supported there are known issues in some regions of which NZ is one. The workaround given is to use MS service numbers, which used to be simple thing workaround pre migration to Teams admin portal.

Support advised we now need Call Plans and Communication Credits to make the MS service numbers assignable to a resource account for AA's and Queues. All well and good accept you can't get a Call Plan in NZ and Telstra only support Australian numbers.

So if anyone has Direct Routing with service numbers working correctly in NZ I'd like to know. I am not ruling out it's something else and this was just a convenient answer for support to close it the ticket out.



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Hi Jason,


I'm not aware of Service Numbers or Calling Plans being available from Microsoft in New Zealand yet? 



Audio Conferencing numbers are, but this is not what your after from what I understand. 


What were the routing issues that your Direct Routing Service numbers were having? 

Until Microsoft release Service numbers and Calling Plans for New Zealand, i would imagine that resolving the Direct Routing Service number issues would be the best bet.