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A dedicated area for Australian and New Zealand partners to connect around local content and ask questions.


Go-To-Market Series

We're pleased to introduce a new series of webinars and information topics to provide you with the latest information on the Go-To-Market programs and resources available to you as a Microsoft Partner.


Topic 1: Go-To-Market Services overview

With Microsoft Go-To-Market Services, you have access to a set of resources and benefits designed to help you market your business and accelerate your success. Leverage ready-to-go and customisable marketing assets to reach more customers, accelerate your time to market, drive leads and generate demand. This webinar is designed to provide you with an overview of the GTM Services available and next steps to get started. This webinar is presented by Jordan Helling, Go-To-Market Services Desk Lead.


View the on-demand webinar now and ask your questions here within this discussion board.


Hi there.  The MPN Concierge Service was retired in 2017/18.  So unfortunately that slide is incorrect and we will ask for it to be updated.   Apologies.  Please visit www.partner.microsoft.com/support for support options.  

Visitor 1

Hi Rachel,

On slide 9 of the Partner 101 pack it lists the following:

[Gold] Guaranteed dedicated Microsoft Contact (MPN Concierge)

Is this a named person in our regional office and if so, how do we find out who this is?

Topic 4: Solution Workspace


Solution Workspace provides a place for Microsoft to meet you—wherever you are—to take your solution from idea to market with curated resources, proven advice, and actionable steps to move your idea forward in the sales lifecycle from Build, to Go to Market, to Sell stages. Now, you can realise the potential of your solution at your own pace, all in one place.


  • Reduce time to market - Leverage resources and tools utilized by thousands of partners to successfully bring their solution to market. Avoid searching, start doing.
  • Get leads faster - Gain access to leads through proven tools and land your solution in front of the right customers, at the right time.
  • Grow revenue with guidance - Generate revenue by testing and optimising your marketing and sell strategies. Grow market share with insights customized to what you're selling.


Learn more:


Topic 3: Cloud Enablement Desk


Take advantage of the complimentary one-on-one consultations with the Cloud Enablement Desk, designed to help you navigate all of the resources and benefits available through the Microsoft Partner Network and progress your business toward achieving your goals.

Partners who engage with technical resources as part of their CED-led engagement drive 10 times more Azure revenue uplift, than partners who do not engage with these resources. Don’t leave revenue on the table! Since signing up for the Cloud Enablement Desk, Seepath Solutions has seen their lead-to-close time shorten by more than 25%, and their deployment time reduced by 30%.

Learn more about the Cloud Enablement Desk

Watch the webinar: https://youtu.be/i8EepBGH3jM





Topic 2: How to engage with Microsoft


Our partners make more possible, and we want to ensure you have access to the latest local news, information and resources you need to compete and grow. This is why we've introduced a new Australian digital experience.  

This tailored experience is designed to help you navigate the information and resources available, making it easier to access local news, events and resources. We recognise that it isn’t always easy for partners to find the information you need so we’ve streamlined a number of channels, with more Australian content now residing within the partner.microsoft.com website.

There are three new destinations available within the partner website:

  • Australia Partner Hub – This hub is the new destination for Australian content within the partner website. It is designed to help you capitalise on the opportunities available to you as a Microsoft partner, while linking to local blogs, features stories, events and readiness. Whether you want to re-register as a Microsoft partner, get more out of your existing partnership, or attain a silver or gold competency to showcase your expertise, the new hub includes all the solutions, tools, resources and support you need.
  • Microsoft Partner Community: Australia Zone – The Microsoft Partner Community (MPC) is a discussion community designed to drive partner and Microsoft business conversations. It will bring all Microsoft partners together on a global scale, and will replace our existing Yammer network which is localised to just Australia. The Microsoft Partner Community (MPC) has an area which is dedicated to Australian partners, known as ‘The Australian Partner Zone’. This area is a local community where partners and Microsoft employees can engage with each other around key topics of interest.
  • Microsoft Australia blog – Our new blog now sits within the partner website, providing you with access to the latest local announcements and thought leadership.

With partner.microsoft.com at the heart of the new digital experience, we want to help you navigate the website and find the information and resources you need, including where to find tailored Australian content:


Microsoft Partner website cheat sheetMicrosoft Partner website cheat sheet