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Microsoft Go-To-Market Services

Best-in-class marketing content and programs to help you accelerate time to market, generate demand, and expand your business.


Go-To-Market (GTM) Services are included in your Microsoft Partner Network program benefits. All partners have access, and you unlock more as you grow in partnership with us - whether you are a network member, have a competency, or are an ISV with a co-sell ready solution.


Microsoft partners have utilized more than 11,000 of these GTM services, and here’s what they’re saying:

“Working with Microsoft and the Go-To-Market Services team has definitely helped us attract customers. A number of leads have mentioned our partnership with Azure without us even bringing it up!” - Rutger de Jong, sales manager, Servoy


GTM Services can help you:


Accelerate time to market - share professionally developed and customizable content on your social and digital channels with the click of a button, access marketing training and best practices, an office plug-in that pulls relevant content into your emails ready to share with customers, and access to a personalized marketing consultation to learn how to market with Microsoft.


Generate demand – optimize your solution listing to get set up to accept leads from Microsoft, co-market with Microsoft with professionally edited and polished marketing resources, and enhance your visibility to Microsoft field sellers.


Expand your business – Highlight your readiness to partner for joint wins, access a partner collaboration platform for easy joint management of sales opportunities, and tap into geo expansion enablement services to grow your business.

In addition to these GTM Services included with your membership or competency, you can also get access to incremental services for purchase including custom co-branded lead generation campaigns, and other demand generation services. Watch this informational video and see the menu of services for more details.


Email GTM@Microsoft.com with questions. We are excited to strengthen our partnership and help you drive further success!


*** If you have earned or renewed a competency or are an ISV with a co-sell ready solution since November 8, 2018, you have GTM Services available for you to execute – take advantage of them today! Otherwise, you do get access at your renewal.