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Inspire Recap: GTM Session Summary

What a fantastic few days it has been at Microsoft Inspire 2021! For those who were lucky to join, we had our very own global GTM lead Sarah Muckler-Visser lead the discussion on how partners can strategically align their marketing objectives, with the range of programs and resources Microsoft offers.


The 1 Minute Summary

The session features a break-down of key GTM programs for accelerating growth in FY22, from co-branded marketing campaign content, modern marketing technology, as well as resources to drive customer acquisition, leads, and grow your business.



  • Introduction - Partner Opportunity
  • Go-To-Market Program Overview
  • Membership Levels & Resources
  • Sales Plays Campaigns
  • Partner Go-To-Market Toolbox
  • How to get started


Partner Opportunity


As Satya Nadella talks about in his Inspire keynote, the digital era is here, necessitating that every company must transform into a software business. From the automotive industry, where vehicles can now be considered 'driving computers' with the thousands of sensors integrated, to retailers investing in omni-channels and digital services, and manufacturing organisations investing in digital twins and integrated supply chains.

As the pace of change is rapidly rising, the opportunity for analytics  and computing in the cloud is huge, estimated to reach $100 trillion according to the World Economic Forum in the next 10 years, and 175 zettabytes of data produced by 2025.


But as we look at the change faced by businesses, their marketing practices and revenue growth since 2000, 52% of those partners in Fortune 500 no longer exist. So how do you stay relevant in today's digital world?


The answers lies with differentiated positioning of your business and it's value proposition. That's where the role of having a robust marketing engine, as drivers of sustainable revenue and business growth comes in.


The Impact of utilising GTM Offers


As different partners have different offerings and marketing capabilities, there is an opportunity for partners to utilise the resources and platforms Microsoft offers, not only for saving time and money from a marketing resource perspective, but to help partners leverage the invaluable brand of trust that comes in Marketing with Microsoft.


“We have run multiple marketing campaigns in the past, but none as effective as this one. 
The leads that came through were highly qualified and ready to get moving down the pipeline,”  which ultimately generated nearly $300,000 in new sales —Bobby Lynch, Henson Group Global Marketing Manager



GTM Resources as a competitive differentiator.PNG


Membership & Marketing Resources

The GTM Offers and resources are segmented based on your competency membership level. To keep things simple, you can find a one-liner summary of the key resources for each tier below. 


All Partners

  • DMC: 10-12 week digital & social campaign content syndication - Access here
  • Smart Partner Marketing: Best practices, industry insights & marketing training resources - Access here
  • Partner Marketing Center: Library of customisable marketing & sales content. - Access here
  • Sales Enablement Platform Microsoft (Qorus): Sellers tool to customise customer proposals - Access here
  • Geo Expansion Webinar & Readiness Assessment: Assessment and webinars to help drive & scale overseas selling - Get your assessment here  or sign-up to the webinar series here
  • Microsoft Partner Community (MPC): Online forum group to connect with other partners and the GTM Microsoft team directly - Access here


Silver / Co-Sell Ready ISVs

  • HTMW Guide: Guide and consultation to learn how to co-market with Microsoft.
  • Profile Optimisation & Referral Management: Personalised feedback on how to maximise referrals received with Microsoft sellers.
  • Access the resources via Solution Workspace


Gold / Co-Sell Ready ISVs

  • HTMW Consultation: personalised marketing plan and consultation from a marketing specialist.
  • Partner GTM Toolbox: Solution-specific co-branded marketing assets; one-pagers, customer presentations, case studies & social marketing.
  • Access the resources via GTM Toolbox


Sales Play Campaigns

Without sellers in the field, digital marketing is more important than ever. To accelerate lead generation and cloud customer acquisition at scale, partners can now access, customise, and distribute entire marketing campaigns, aligned to your business needs as part of your Microsoft Partner Network membership. 

This means, having access to new digital marketing campaigns to support a robust, integrated go-to-market plan for your Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 solutions as we recognise the varying needs and importance in having tailored, specific content segmented according to your solution's alignment. Below is a quick view on the campaigns available to you.


Sales Plays Campaigns.PNG


You can find these campaigns available across enterprise & SMB amongst the following 4 GTM digital tools;

  • DMC
  • PMC
  • Sales Enablement
  • Partner GTM Toolbox

Sales Plays.PNG


Partner Go-To-Market Toolbox

With the new launch of the Partner Go-To-Market Toolbox, currently available to Gold and ISV Co-Sell Ready partners, Sarah gives an overview of how partners who want to bring their solutions to market faster can leverage the tool. Here you can find fully customisable co-branded templates you can see below.


Toolbox Assets.PNG


Webinar Alert: Register Your Spot


On August 11, 2021, our Go-To-Market agency, Transcends will also be giving an in-depth look and demo of the Go-To-Market Benefits including the GTM Toolbox. During this session you'll learn about the features, resources and tips on how to not only maximise this tool, but accelerate your co-marketing activities with Microsoft.


Starting at 11am AEST / 1pm NZST, you can reserve your spot here Or see you there – Join Teams directly here on the day.


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What's Next?
Access the slide deck, on-demand session recording and transcript to the GTM Inspire session here.