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GTM Essentials: Digital Marketing Automation Deep Dive

As a marketer, are you always searching for new and better ways to launch programs? Are you looking to take your current strategy to the next level while also maximising your time? 


For those who are short on resources but still want to achieve the best possible outcomes, that’s where the Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC) platform comes in.

What is DMC?
Next-gen automated marketing engine launching impactful campaigns at scale.

Think of DMC as your very own personal digital marketing assistant, delivering top of the funnel digital campaigns with curated, customisable, to-customer marketing materials and sales resources in a highly prescriptive format.


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Telling your best story with episodic content

Gone are the days of endlessly searching for content.

Every Monday morning, an email is delivered with data-driven, highly qualified, customisable campaigns organised in an episodic manner. The weekly content builds upon the week prior to tell a full solution story, delivered with a publication schedule, so you know which assets to share each day. Customisation is optional and easy—publish content ‘as is’ or use take the time to customise with your own branding, making edits to the prewritten social posts, email and mini-blog posts. Once you’re ready, easily share it from right within the tool.  


DMC campaign examples 2.png


The Impact of DMC

Drive your lead generation, sales revenue and enhance your social media presence to become an engine of organic growth.

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“Microsoft provides partners with massive amounts of free content. Sourcing and/or  creating all of this content on our own would be a full-time position on my team.”

-Tate Lillies, Chief Marketing Officer, BlueSilverShift


Who is it for?

Available to ALL network members.

What does it include? 
10-12 weeks of fully customisable pre-built digital campaigns.

This includes;

  • Templated tweets, LinkedIn posts, Facebook statuses, mini-blog posts, and emails that are automatically streamed via partners' social channels. 
  • To-customer marketing materials, sales resources, videos, demos, and more delivered in a highly prescriptive format.
  • Partner-to-partner resources such as demo videos, sales scripts, and customizable pitch decks.
  • Content that supports our partners' Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Surface solutions, as well as our Modern Work & Security, Apps & Infra / Data & AI, and Business Applications partner solution areas.


Benefits & Business Impact

  1. Optimise current market presence for high-touch engagements with customers and prospects with a top-of-funnel digital marketing strategy.
  2. Gather leads directly from your social media accounts, build a strong social brand and launch content across your company’s social media accounts without any action from you, directly within the platform.
  3. Increase demand generation and capture and close leads through gated content​.
  4. Drive productivity, efficiency and reduce overall time spent creating and publishing inhouse marketing collateral.


Automation made easy

Regularly posting content is the best way to keep  your customers engaged.

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand is populated with new content weekly, but if  you do not have the time to select and post, simply choose the Automated Content  Posting option. As long as you have at least one social or blog connection defined in  your account, Digital Marketing Content OnDemand will post your selected content  each week to all your active social and blog connections.


Intelligent Insights

"What gets measured, is what gets managed".


Tracking your marketing efforts is critical to understand what content performs best with your customers and how to demonstrate ROI to business executives. As DMC offers automated marketing with fully integrated intelligent scheduling, leverage it's predictive understanding to drive your digital marketing approach. 


This includes tracking all activity, such as popular links on posts, network growth, and engagement on your published content. At the same time, it provides lead scoring to help you identify the most beneficial leads and to refine your outreach efforts.


Get started

Register for the DMC program here.


Keep your eyes out for part 2, which will feature an insider view of specific campaigns and deep dive into the details of how the platform works.