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GTM Essentials #2: Top 5 Digital Marketing Resources

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As the era of “all things digital” continues to evolve, so does the world of marketing and building a sustainable growth strategy for the future. To keep up with these changes, the GTM team continue to not only improve our existing resources, but always seek to bring new offerings.

This is where our Digital Marketing Resources come into play, featuring self-serve resources, content, and tools, available to ALL partners at no additional cost. Whether you’re a partner aligned to an Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 solution, you’ll get everything you need to support the growth of these solutions.

This article will outline the Top 5 digital marketing resources, how to learn more about each of them, and where you can go to directly access it.


1. Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC)


Generate leads and connect with more customers with 10-12 week pre-packaged, customisable social media and digital marketing campaign content. This content spans across your emails, socials like Twitter and Facebook, website, or blog, designed to increase your productivity and help you capture leads online.



  • 150% Greater Productivity – save time, with automated and pre-packaged content delivered to your inbox each week.
  • Increased digital engagement – from improving your click-through-rates to conversion rates, expand the number of potential leads and build your online brand.
  • Capture & close leads – consistent online engagement leads to a higher number of leads not only captured, but converted.

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When to use it?

  • If you’re short on time to create content or need to boost your online marketing engagement
  • If you’re just starting out your marketing content strategy, this is a great way to kick it off.


Where to find it?

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2. Smart Partner Marketing

If you’re a new starter to the world of marketing or simply want a refresh of the latest industry insights, this is the place to visit. What’s great about SPM, is it curates the relevant resources into 3 categories, based on your marketing team expertise & size (see example image below). Each category will cover 3 areas; principles, strategies, and practical tactics you can use.



  • Skilling & Training: Upskill & boost your marketing knowledge for yourself, or your entire team.
  • Curated Marketed Research: Keep up to date with the latest industry insights and trends and save time doing your own research.
  • Best Practices – learn about the key strategies and tactics used as best practices across the industry.

When to use it?

  • At the start of your marketing journey or before devising your next growth strategy, as it focuses on helping you and your team, upskill, become educated, and understand research insights based on broader industry trends.


Where to find it?

  • SPM Website: Smart Partner Marketing)
    • Select one of the three options under ‘Choose your level of marketing experience’ to Get Started (see image below)
  • Partner Center GTM benefits dashboard (See instructions explained at the end of this article under FAQ)

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3. Partner Marketing Center


A digital content library with 1000+ ready-to-go, customisable assets, from blog templates, to emails, guides, sales deck and plenty more, to help your team save time whilst levelling up your marketing and sales campaigns. Filter down by;

  • Solution area; Modern Work and Security, Business Applications and Azure.
  • Asset type e.g. Case Study, Infographic
  • Product Area e.g. Cross-Product (if you have multiple), Microsoft Dynamics
  • Industry e.g. Professional Services, Education
  • Topic e.g. Cloud Transformation
  • Product area e.g. Training, News and Social
  • Campaign by sales play e.g. CSP offers under Modern Work and Security


  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Save time, by accessing the right marketing resources at the right time
  • Greater, more consistent marketing to your customers and prospects, helping to build rapport and your brand.

When to use it?

  • The resources offered by PMC can be used at any stage, depending on what your focus and goal is at the time. For example, the sales deck templates would typically be used when delivering customer presentations or blog templates during the start of executing your content strategy for your Microsoft Solution-Area aligned offerings.

Where to find it?

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4. Sales Enablement Platform (Qorus)


Qorus is a tool, that can be used to better coordinate the sales and marketing collateral across your sales team. Efficiently find, create, and share Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content to help your sales team present the best customer-facing content, without leaving your Microsoft Office 365 apps. See a 2 minute demo here.



  • Increased sales velocity and productivity by 20%
  • Improve your lead conversion and close rates with personalized resources tailored to your sales process.
  • Know what content is used and how effective it is by monitoring content performance and insights such as who viewed, downloaded, or shared your content.
  • Close more deals, in less time with improved response times to clients from your sales team.

When to use it?

  • It’s recommended your sales team uses Qorus from the very start of the lead nurturing process to help you gauge better insight at what content, messaging and resources are performing the best, whilst also better identifying which leads will most likely close.


Where to find it?

Qorus Hub 1 (2).png

5. Microsoft Partner Community (MPC)


If you haven’t already seen our Partner Zone Community, it’s the primary digital platform used for partners to connect with Microsoft experts globally, where we land and curate the key resources, opportunities, and updates through various articles and posts.


For anything ‘Go-to-market’ or Marketing related, you can join the Australian community directly here, where we simplify and consolidate only the essential ‘need to know’ information to stay in the loop.


Check out our latest launch of the GTM Essentials Series, which offers 5-minute guides on the top tools and resources you can use, to generate leads, improve your customer relationships and build a strong marketing engine.

When to use it?

  • Use it as an ongoing resource to check back at least once a month, as it’ll be used as the primary channel for landing key GTM and marketing communications, updates, events, and educational resources. It's worth noting, channels such as our Monthly Partner Newsletter, will be used to amplify the content already hosted in this channel. 


Where to find it?

Partner Zone Marketers Community.PNG



Q: How to activate these digital marketing resources?

A: You can choose to ‘get started’ with these resources through their direct home pages, all linked above. However, the recommend approach is to go through Partner Center following the steps below;

  1. Visit your Partner Center dashboard
  2. Select the MPN > ‘Benefits’ tab on the left-hand menu
  3. Select the ‘Go-to-market’ tab option
    This will show you a view of all the benefits and resources available to you, which will vary depending on your competency level.
  4. To start using the top 5 resources listed above, simply locate the resource and click ‘Activate’ or ‘Sign-up’ as illustrated below.

Partner Center Benefits Activation Labelled.png